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Lanark medieval Festival, 2006

A happy prisoner
A litle owl
Archery competition
Archery runner-up 2
Archery runner-up
Archery winner
Arrival of the English force
Basket weaving
Baskets 2
Children in the stocks
Cooling down
Costumes part 1
Costumes part 2
Cutting demonstration
Demonstrating fight manuals - hence the masks
English knight
Food preparation
Fraser Alexander gets the bucket treatment from wife Andrena
Gaita 1
Gaita 2
Gaita 3
Haselrig captured
Haselrig defiant
Haselrig offered terms
Haselrig pleads
In the stocks again
Knighting 1
Knighting 3
Lines meet
Lunch preparation
Market stalls
Memorial inscription
Painted faces
Parade 2
Parade 3
Plenty of photo opportunities
Royal justice
Schiltrom demonstrations 1
Schiltrom demonstrations 2
Scots arrive
Scots in the square
Sentenced to death
Some of the organisers
Squire in training
Terms withdrawn
The Scots waiting
Wallace and Stewart lead the advance
Wallace victorious
Wallace vs Brechin 2
Wallace vs Brechin 3
Wallace vs Brechin 4
Wallace vs Brechin
Wallce with fans
Wooden spoons
Young knights
making butter
sponge man Fraser Alexander strikes back
wee paula q   and the buzzard

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